During the warm weather months, there’s nothing better than planning an outdoor picnic with your friends and family to celebrate the holidays, a special event, or just to visit! But no matter the number of people, planning and making all the accompanying food that goes with a picnic or barbecue can be stressful, and not to mention time-consuming! To eliminate that stress, let us cater your next event, so you can spend all your time enjoying yourself and your company!

With all of the options, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose the best food choices for you and your party. Here are some of our most popular and favorite menu selections to choose from: 

  • Appetizers. Make sure your guests have some scrumptious bites before the main meal. Try our wing tray or toasted ravioli for some crowd favorites, or our Santa Fe Eggrolls for something a little different. 
  • Salads. Get those greens in with one of our refreshing salads, like our Caesar Salad or House Salad, or the Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad. Not your thing? No worries, you can also choose options like Italian Potato Salad or the Macaroni Pasta Salad. 
  • Party Trays. Party trays are a quick and affordable way to feed your guests in bulk. Try our Rib Feast Pan or the Pulled Pork Tray if you’re hosting a barbecue or the Vesuvio Chicken Dish or Marsala Chicken Tray for something a little more refined. Want a real crowd-pleaser? We also offer Pasta Trays! 
  • Pizzas. Who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza is a great option if you’re feeding adults and young children who may be pickier eaters. Order a large 16-inch pizza, or a supersize 18-inch pizza. Standard toppings are free, and premium toppings like bacon and ham are only $3 each. 
  • Sandwiches.  Here at Tommy’s Red Hots, we’re known for our hot dogs, sausage, and beef. Try our Italian Beef and Italian Sausage subs, or any of our simple yet classic 6-inch sub sandwiches
  • A Little bit of Everything! Want a little taste of everything? Order any of our Party Packages for a taste of everything we have on our menu. 

Trust Tommy’s Red Hots to cater your next special event. With 6 different locations, we have been serving Illinois for 40 years with delicious meals for every occasion. Visit our website to find a location near you, or our contact form to request more information.