Tommy’s Red Hots in Chicago started serving our customers in the early months of 1980. We have since grown into a six-store, family-owned, and operated restaurant chain. Dining at Tommy’s guarantees you receive personal service, great food, and unbeatable prices. 

We value every customer that walks through the doors at Tommy’s Red Hots. All our customers are treated with respect and loyalty, but most importantly, with great service and great food. Don’t forget our prices are unbeatable, and we encourage you to find out for yourself. 

Here at Tommy’s, we’re known for our beef and sausage offerings, as well as our homestyle meals such as our barbecued ribs, pasta, and seafood, though people love our subs and sandwiches just as much! That’s why we feature a daily special for our fan-favorite items so that you can get exactly what you love, and at the best price! Have a look at our daily specials: 

  • Monday: Tommy’s 8” Long, Homemade Italian Beef with Fries & Drink- $10.25 Sandwich Only- $8.00 
  • Tuesday: Tommy’s Footlong Polish with Fries & Drink- $10.50 Sandwich & Fries - $8.75 
  • Wednesday: Tommy’s 8” Long Italian Sausage with Fries & Drink- $9.00 Pasta Dinner Choice of Spaghetti, Mostaccioli w/meatballs or Italian sausage & garlic bread- $6.50 
  • Thursday: Tommy’s 12” Submarine Sandwich with Fries & Drink- $11.00
  • Friday: Jumbo Shrimp Dinner with Fries & Drink (Includes garlic bread & cocktail sauce) - $11.00 OR 8” Meatball Sub with Fries & Drink- $10.00 OR Fish ‘N’ Chips Value Pack with Fries, tartar sauce & Drink- $11.00 
  • Saturday: Tommy’s BBQ Baby Back Ribs with Fries & Garlic Bread Full Slab- $17.00 
  • Sunday: Gyros Platter with Fries & Drink - $9.25 Sandwich Only- $6.50
  • Everyday Special: You love our hot dogs so much, we couldn’t resist making an everyday hot dog special! Get 2 Hot Dogs with Fries and a Drink for $8.00 (tax included). 

Visit Tommy’s Red Hots to order our daily special today! To find a location near you, visit our website or fill out our contact form to request more information.