Tommys Red Hots Q4 2022

There’s something about a hot dog that makes it perfect for summertime. Whether at the ballpark or at a picnic, there’s nothing like a delicious, juicy hot dog to hit the spot.

No list of America’s best hot dogs would be complete without mentioning the Windy City. Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza, but it also makes some mean hot dogs. Tommy’s Red Hots is one of America’s most iconic hot dog spots, and with good reason. Our dogs are delicious and always cooked to perfection. Plus, we offer some unique variations on the traditional hot dog that you won’t find anywhere else. Tommy’s is the place to go if you’re looking for a great hot dog experience.

However, if you’re traveling across the country and looking for the best hot dogs in every state, look no further – we got you covered. Here are just a few of our favorites.

  • Alabama: Gus’s Hot Dogs
  • Arizona: El Güero Canelo
  • California: Pink’s Hot Dogs
  • Connecticut: Super Duper Weenie
  • Delaware: The Dog House
  • Florida: Hot Dog Heaven
  • Louisiana: Dat Dog
  • Michigan: Lafayette Coney Island
  • Montana: Mr. Hot Dogs
  • New Mexico: Urban Hot Dog Company
  • New York: Walter’s Hot Dog Stand
  • Texas: Hot Dogs, Wings, Etc.
  • Utah: J Dawgs
  • Wisconsin: Martino’s Italian Beef and Hot Dogs

The Rocky Mountain region is known for its great outdoors and serves some delicious hot dogs. Denver’s Famous Hot Dogs is one of the best spots in town to get your fix. Here, you can find classic frankfurters topped with all kinds of goodies like chili con carne, cheese sauce, jalapenos, and onions. It’ll fill you up!

Whether in the North or South, a great American hot dog spot is waiting for you. Just follow your nose and discover why these treats are so beloved throughout the United States. Bon appétit!

Trust Tommy’s Red Hots to cater your next special event. With six different locations, we have been serving Illinois for 40 years with delicious meals for every occasion. Visit our website to find a location near you or our contact form to request more information.