Chicago dog

Chicago is a city known for its world-famous deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs. Nobody can deny residents and visitors of the Windy City are passionate about their food!

Even though deep dish pizza is often thought of first, the Chicago-style hot dog deserves its place in the pecking order. A version of this famous dog was served during the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition; they were popularized throughout countless street carts in the city’s wide span of ethnic neighborhoods, particularly during the Depression. With unique toppings and a mouth-watering taste of its own, you’ll be craving this windy-city classic in and outside the city limits! Lucky for you, we carry this traditional iconic hot dog at Tommy’s Red Hots as a regularly featured menu item.

What makes it so great?
Good question! Let be frank, a Chicago Style Dog starts with only the finest 100-percent Vienna Beef hot dog. The seasonings and trademark taste of the Vienna Beef hot dog has hardly changed since the beginning 125-years ago and people who have experienced hot dogs elsewhere will tell you this style is unlike no other. If that wasn’t enough to make your mouth water, the piled high toppings are what really sets this classic apart from your typical ballpark fare. Nestled on a poppy seed bun, since we’ve done since the early months of 1980.

When Frank Sinatra swooned the lyrics “Chicago is my kind of town” he wasn’t lying. This beautiful and unique city has some of the most culturally diverse areas in the country, not to mention miles of beautiful Lake Michigan shorelines, skyscrapers, parks, museums, theatres, countless things to do, along with our famous variety of hot dogs.

When it comes to food, Chicago has a lot of great options. But when you want something that’s fast and delicious without breaking the bank, there is no better option than Tommy’s Red Hots. One bite will prove why we are considered one of the best hot dog stands in all of Illinois!

No matter what you choose from our menu, we promise it won’t disappoint. Just head over today and see for yourself how good they taste!